Cardberry cards and Cardberry software-as-a-service solution are available for corporate clients. You can order cards with your own branding, design, and personalized information about your customer, student or employee. Choose one of the following options to learn more about the Cardberry SaaS solution:

Cardberry for Retailers

A specialized loyalty program can lead to a number of benefits for businesses, including increased retention, diminished average spending for returning customers and more information about customer behaviors and needs. The more information you have about your customers, the more personalized deals you can offer for your audience. 

"Cardberry opens up new information venues about your current and potential customers, allowing you to better target and customize your offers."


Cardberry SaaS allows you to use personalized card designs for your employees and partners. Order cards with your brand logo and personalized user information like names and customer IDs.  


The Cardberry SaaS solution allows you to manage discounts of your customers. You can easily control additional discounts outside of your retail chain. When your customer registers other loyalty cards with your Cardberry card, you get more information about their behavior and needs. This information will allow you to deliver better-conceived, more interesting offers via the Cardberry app. 

Cardberry for Companies

Companies with 100+ employees often have access cards, parking cards and corporate discounts around the office or in the city. With Cardberry, your business can manage access cards and corporate discounts of all employees with a centralized, one-click solution. Our tools allow you to select which discounts and offers are available to which employees. You can then issue personalized notifications to the employees' smartphones via the Cardberry app.

"Cardberry is the most convenient way to manage corporate discounts and increase employees loyalty."


Cardberry cards allow for custom designs with your brand logo and other personalized information, like the names and IDs of your employees. To manage RFID data we require MOQ of 500 cards. 

Cardberry for Universities

Universities often have access, identification or membership cards. With Cardberry SaaS you can easily manage:

  • student access to individual labs and rooms
  • all kinds of student memberships
  • discounts for students around the campus or university buildings


Cardberry cards allow for custom designs with your brand logo and other personalized information, like the names, IDs and photos of your students. 

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