Smart Shopping = Smart Saving

Cardberry simplifies the way you get discounts. Instead of carrying around all your cards, you only need one card and your smartphone.

A lot of retailers provide additional discounts through the Cardberry app. Simply put, using Cardberry you get access to more discounts around you.



One card to meet all your needs, accepted everywhere

Any POS machine, barcode scanner or magnetic stripe reader around the world will readily accept and work with your Cardberry. 


Enjoy the functionality of your card wallet in a hassle-free form factor of a single card.


Cardberry app


The Cardberry App allows you to have an unlimited number of cards with you. You can activate the card you need at any time via Bluetooth.

All your card information is securely stored in the App. Even if you lose the Cardberry card, your information will be completely safe, and you can resume using your cards after getting a replacement Cardberry.  


Available on the App Store and on the Google Play